Bryan Clay

Bryan Clay is an Olympic gold (2008) and silver (2004) medalist in the decathlon. His gold-medal finish in 2008 was an impressive 240 points ahead of silver medalist Abrei Krauchanka of Belarus, the largest winning margin at an Olympic Games since 1972. In addition to his Olympic titles, Clay is a World Indoor and two-time World Outdoor champion.

Clay founded the Bryan Clay Foundation in 2005 to help “build champions and change lives” by offering opportunities for children to discover their gifts and talents and develop their character.

“Growing up, I wasn’t the fastest, the strongest or the smartest kid. I came from a broken home and was a bit of a troublemaker growing up. But, thanks to my mom, I found track and field. I discovered that I was fast and that I could hone my talents into one dream – winning an Olympic Gold Medal,” says Clay. “Through my sponsors and donors, we are drawing together to help kids dive into their gifts and talents, build their character and live life fulfilled.”

Clay’s passion for faith and family are what he considers the most important part of his legacy. He hopes his example as a father will inspire others to find true fulfillment in meaningful relationships. Clay and wife, Sarah, have three children: Jacob, Kate and Elle.

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